Khim. Geterots. Soedin. 191-218 (2013), Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 49, 177-202 (2013)

 The structure of NH-benzazoles (1H-benzimidazoles, 1H- and 2H-indazoles, 1H- and 2H-benzotriazoles)

The structure and properties (crystallography, NMR, theoretical calculations) of the three  N-unsubstituted benzazoles (1H-benzimidazoles, 1H- and 2H-indazoles, 1H- and 2H-benzotriazoles) have been reviewed for the period 2000–2012 with some results from previous years. The study of these compounds will greatly increase in the coming years and it is expected that the present review will contribute to it