Tetrahedron 62, 8683-8686 (2006)

Doi: 10.1016/j.tet.2006.07.002

The calculated enthalpies of nine pyrazole anions, cations, and radicals: a comparison with experiment

Enthalpies of 12 pyrazole species including neutral, anions, cations, and radicals have been calculated at the G3B3 level. The main conclusions are: (i) there are ten equilibria between species of which six have been measured experimentally and the agreement is excellent; (ii) two structures, cyclic and chain, have been found for the pyrazolium-radical 8 that are able to explain the electrochemistry of pyrazolium salts; (iii) the aromaticity, calculated as the NICS indexes, is related to the unexpected stability of the pyrazole anion 3.