Tetrahedron, 60, 2259-2265 (2004)


Influence of the H/F replacement on the homoaromaticity of homotropylium ion: a GIAO/DFT theoretical study

The problem of homoaromaticity in mono-, di- and polyfluorinated- homotropylium cations is addressed by the B3LYP/6-311++G** DFT method. The energetic, structural and magnetic criteria are used for this purpose. They convincingly show that the ground state equilibrium species are aromatic, or in other words that the homoaromaticity is preserved by the (poly)fluorination. In contrast, a considerable decrease in the aromatic stabilization is observed in the transition structures (TS). According to the NICS(0) index, they vary form strongly antiaromatic, via weakly and non-aromatic to slightly aromatic transition states. However, the hierarchy of the aromaticity in fluorinated homotropylium ions predicted by NICS(0) is completely unrelated to that obtained by using the energy criterion assuming a kinetic definition of aromaticity. On the other hand the latter is closely related to geometric parameters of the equilibrium and transition structures.