Chem. Select 3, 3855-3859 (2018)

DOI: 10.1002/slct.201800809

Synthesis, Structure and Anion Sensing Properties of a Dicationic Bis(imidazolium)Based Cyclophane

The preparation and sensing properties of a tetracyclic cyclophane receptor containing two imidazolium rings as anion binding sites and two fluorene rings as fluorescent signaling units, are reported. The receptor behaves as a selective fluorescent chemosensor molecule for inorganic phosphates. 1H‐NMR spectroscopical data clearly indicate the simultaneous occurrence of charge‐assisted aromatic and aliphatic C−H noncovalent interactions. PCM/DFT calculations have been carried out to predict the structures of the complexes formed with one and two molecules of PF6−, H2PO4− and HP2O73