Molecules, 20, 9961-9976 (2015)

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Interplay between Beryllium Bonds and Anion-π Interactions in BeR2:C6X6:Y− Complexes (R = H, F and Cl, X = H and F, and Y = Cl and Br)

A theoretical study of the beryllium bonds in BeR2:C6X6 (R = H, F, Cl and X = H and F) has been carried out by means of MP2/aug′-cc-pVDZ computational methods. In addition, the ternary complexes BeR2:C6X6:Y− (Y = Cl and Br) have been analyzed. Geometric, energetic and electronic aspects of the complexes have been taken into account. All the parameters analyzed provide a clear indication of favorable cooperativity in both interactions observed, beryllium bond and aromatic ring:anion interaction.